Day: November 27, 2016

Restaurants In The State Of IdahoRestaurants In The State Of Idaho

Restaurants In The State Of Idaho

If you are a connoisseur of food, the one place that you should visit is the state of Idaho which is famous for its restaurants. Almost all the restaurants in Idaho specialize in continental dishes which are prepared by some of the best chefs. Another important factor that makes the restaurants at Idaho special is the superb ambiance that most of the restaurants provide. If you visit any of the world class restaurants in Idaho it will leave a lasting impression upon your mind and you will be compelled to visit the same restaurant many times in the future. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the famous restaurants of Idaho.

Michel’s Christiana

This world famous restaurant in Idaho is located in the town of Ketchum which is one of the most charming ski towns. The Michel’s Christiania is a very famous French restaurant which upholds the French culture and cuisine in a very aesthetic manner. This restaurant came into existence in the year 1959 and the famous international author Ernest Hemingway frequented this restaurant on a regular basis and a special table was given to the author at the restaurant. The Michel’s Christiana restaurant has a magnificent dining room fashioned like an upmarket chalet.


Mai Thai

If you are fond of Thai food then the Mai Thai restaurant is the one place which will definitely satisfy your desire. This restaurant serves some of the best Asian dishes in a very modern space. The Mai Thai restaurant has been awarded many prestigious accolades for being the best Thai restaurant for nine consecutive years since 2004. The exotic ambiance of this restaurant is another reason why more and more people are lured to visit this restaurant time and again.

Brick 29

The Brick 29 is situated in the second biggest city of Nampa is one of the most flourishing and famous restaurants in Idaho. The most alluring part about this restaurant is that it is located in the basement of Nampa’s Masonic temple.  The most popular dishes served at this restaurant include lamb shank with smoked mushroom risotto and red wine. The other very attractive feature of this world class restaurant is that it blends industrial chic with contemporary comfort.


Sangria Grill

If you are fond of the flavorsome cuisine of Peru then the Sangria grille is the restaurant of your choice. The most popular dishes which are prepared by this world class restaurant includes the bone in pork chop which is seared and roasted in red wine and served with sweet corn.

So now that you have some knowledge about the famous restaurants at Idaho you must visit them when you go to Idaho.

You can take your friends and family for dinner to any one of the restaurants and they will certainly enjoy the food and warm hospitality that is offered by the restaurants. The exotic ambiance of these world class restaurants will certainly leave a lasting impression on your mind and you will remember your visit to the restaurants for many days to come.